Hello Italy, dear teachers!

IMG_5657-2 Hello Italy, dear teachers!Hello Italy, dear teachers! 

I am Anna and I am responsible for Business development of  www.lehrermarktplatz.de – a startup for teachers which was founded in 2016 in Berlin. We want to empower and support teachers in their daily work. See attached a short introduction of what we do and why. 

I am contacting you today because we would like to find out, if Italian teachers would love our platform as much as German teachers do. Yes, we are thinking about expanding to Italy but… psssst…. under the radar for now! 

I am now looking for interview partners in Italy who 
worked or is working as a teacher in an Italian school 
uses the internet and social media channels regularly 
speaks English
is willing to spend 30 minutes with me for an interview

During the interview, I would like to find out: 
How do teachers prepare their lessons in Italy? Do they use self-created material? 
Do teachers in Italy have special needs content wise which is not covered by schoolbooks?
Do similar platforms as ours already exist in Portugal? 
Does an exchange, e.g. via social media, take place between teachers? If yes, where and how?

I would very much appreciate, if you would take those extra 30 minutes during these busy times. As a thank you, we will give you a 30€ Amazon voucher.

Please get in contact with me via email or phone (+49-176-32099632). 
I am looking forward hearing from you! 

All the best from Berlin, 


Anna Köppen
Business Development

Hello Italy, dear teachers!

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